Blanco Classic Car Show

BlacoCCS_16May2015_377I’m kind of a car nut. So when I came home from work Saturday and saw that there was a classic car show in Blanco, I decided to put off sleep and head up there. Despite a forecast of rain, there were more than 50 cars and trucks parked out along the Blanco river. Highlights included some really nice Corvettes, a ’34 Ford whose owner was nice enough to sit and chat for a while, and the 1960 Impala that won Best in Show.

The sun was hiding behind a very cloudy sky, so I walked up and down the row a couple of times just to see if the light had changed and if there were better angles to try. I didn’t find much in the way of brighter light, but while I was walking around a few new cars and trucks showed up, so I was glad to have stayed. The Ford in the field of flowers was one of those, as was the beat up truck (the picture of the spare tire with the metal fastener). I think it was a Ford as well, but I could be wrong about that.

The blue ’58 Corvette was one of my favorites – mostly just because I really like that model ‘Vette. The red ’65 is beautiful as well…but there’s something about the twin headlights and the white side accents on the ’58 that grabs my heart.

The Cobra was a beautiful car as well. It is a reproduction, as almost all Shelby Cobras are. And there’s the rub. It’s such an eye-catching car, and this one was very well done (the picture of the Roush engine was from it). But because the originals are so rare, everyone who sees a Cobra wants to know, before anything else, “is it real?” Not, did you build it, is it fun to drive, what’s the top speed, or anything like that. Just, “is it real?”

I was disappointed there weren’t more trucks. There really were only 6 or 7. Of those, one was the beat up ’40s model that came late, one was a flatbed, two El Caminos, a ’30s model delivery – not sure if you would call that a truck – and a couple of pickups (one of which was an unrestored ’80s era S10). No ’50 5-windows, or ’62 GMCs or anything like that. The black El Camino had really nice chrome rails on both sides of the bed but I’m afraid I didn’t do it justice. I tried a couple different angles, but nothing seemed to capture it the way I wanted.

Since I was sitting around for the whole show, a few people asked me if I had a car in the show. Well..not this time, but if I keep going to these things I’m going to end up getting an old Chevy/GMC pickup just so I can join the fun.

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